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The real storybook from “Once Upon a Time”

For those unfamiliar with “Once Upon a Time,” the series takes place in a fictional town where all the residents are regular people who at one point were fairy-tale characters, now trapped in our time and unable to remember their “real” identities. One boy in particular has discovered this secret, and carries around a book with him that contains all the fairy-tales that relate to all the people in town. 

Because this book has such a central role in the series, it makes sense that “Once Upon a Time” would create a storybook of their own, and have put it up for sale for fans. While I really like this idea, I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t “look” like the book in the series. I wish that it would appear to be the same book, so that I could see the completed stories that are mentioned in the show. It wouldn’t have to go so far as to appear to be a prop… but perhaps there were issues with an illustrated aspect of creating the book in terms of creating it quickly, and maybe running into “rights” issues concerning some representations of the characters.

Still, it does count as “transmedia,” and I would be curious to see if there’s any secrets to the show contained in the written stories in the storybook. Regardless, a good effort, and one I hope they build on in future seasons of the show. Maybe there could be a virtual flash version that rolls out with each episode of the show? Even if it shows some of the pages, and not necessarily the complete story, that would be enough to make me happy!

(Source: beta.abc.go.com)